1. Undergraduate courses
    • Unit Operations (Physical Processes). (Theory, Lab training & Technical Essay)
      • TOPICS: Boiling, Condensation, Drying, Evaporation, Psychrometry.
    • Introduction to Chemical Technology. (Theory, Lab training & Technical Essay)
      • TOPIC: Heat transfer 
    • Process Design in Chemical Industry. (Theory)
      • TOPICS: Energy storage and saving in Industry, Renewable vs Conventional energy sources, Elements of plant design and economics. [course book (in Greek): Chapters 1-3, Chapters 4-9, Chapters 10-16]
  2. Graduate courses
    • Chemical Technology Principles. (Theory)
      • TOPIC: Process analysis based on first principles. Molecular and continuum description of transport phenomena.
    • Design and Simulation of Wastewater Treatment Plants. (Theory)
      • TOPIC: Techno- economical analysis of Industrial processes with case studies on water and wastewater treatment

Research supervisions

Post doctoral

in progress O, Oikonomidou, Innovative technologies and concepts for fine particle flotation
in progress S.P. Evgenidis, Diagnosis of Decompression Sickness and Coronary Disease by means of electrical impedance measurements
M. Vlachou, Highly efficient flow boiling macro-structured/macro-porous channels
2017 J.S. Lioumbas, Influence of gravity conditions on mass and heat transfer in porous media
2012 E. Varka, Physicochemical and rheological characterization of fluid/fluid interfaces and their significance to foam and emulsion stability
2010 N. Kazakis, Bubbly flow characteristics: Effect of surfactant and electrolyte on bubble size distribution
2007 A. Goula, Monitoring the formation of deposits during spray drying of foods
2003 M. Loukidou, Hydrodynamic Interaction of particles and bubbles in flotation

PhD Theses

in progress P. Tsave, Flotation of fine particles
in progress Z. Kampouraki, The role of water physical-chemical characteristics and water distribution systems’ hydrodynamics in development of biofilms
in progress C. Argiropoulos, Flow boiling over porous substrates
in progress A. Chondrou, Advanced methods for the formation and stability study of emulsions
in progress A. Zamanis, Novel method for the determination of liquid surface tension and stability of gas / liquid interfaces in foam applications
in progress F. Recupido, Effect of wetting phenomena in biofilm formation and removal
in progress R. Kosheleva, Effect Of A Rotational Field On Hydrogen Storage In Nanoporous Materials
2020 I. Ríos-López, Wetting and dewetting of complex substrates driven by body forces
2020 O. Oikonomidou, Bubble dynamics during degassing of liquids
2017 M. Vlachou, Highly efficient flow boiling macro-structured/macro-porous channels
2014 C. Ampatzidis, Rheological characterization of interfaces for studying the stability of emulsions made with non-conventional surfactants
2010 K. Samaras, Study of multiphase flows in stirred tanks. (Co-supervision)
2010 S. Evgenidis, Development of an electrical technique for the detection and characterization of bubbles in liquid flow
2009 E. Dafnopatidou, Dyes removal from aqueous solutions by flotation techniques. (Co-supervision)
2008 M. Bondelind, CFD simulations of a dissolved air flotation tank (ERASMUS visitor). (Host-supervision)
2007 E.P. Kalogianni, Physicochemical changes and transport phenomena during the frying of potatoes. (Co-supervision)
2006 N. Divinis, Growth of bubbles in supersaturated liquid solutions in weightlessness. (Co-supervision)

MSc Theses

In progress V. Papadopoulou, Boiling in space
In progress P. Xanthopoulou, “Flow boiling of surfactant solutions
In progress M. Bilia, Flow boiling over “smart” surfaces
2021 P. Fikia The impact of shear stress on the composition and morphology of biofilm matrix
2019 A.  Chondrou, Development of an innovative miniature emulsification device
2017 M. Doutsi, Interfacial Characterization and Stability of Emulsions prepared with Phase Inversion method, using Non-ionic Surfactants
2016 A. Mesimeris, Detection of bubbles in humans
2016 M. Gannoum, Miniaturized device for thermal conductivity measurement
2015 S.P. Evgenidis, Simulation of electrical signals for the case of bubbly flow
2014 T. Plomaritis, Innovative device for measuring the thermal conductivity of polymeric materials of high heterogeneity and uneven surface
2014 C. Argiropoulos, Simulation of heat and mass transfer at heated channel using CFD
2014 A. Zamanis, Development of a wicking rapid test for rejection assessment of reused frie oils based on capillary rise in paper
2013 P. Gotsis, Study of vertical upward co-current bubbly flow using a non-Newtonian liquid that simulates human blood
2010 T. Tosidis, Droplet size distribution of liquid-liquid dispersions in stirred vessels. (Co-supervision)
2010 A. Chatzidafni, Study of hydrodynamic characteristics of two-phase bubbly flow by an electrical tomography technique
2010 E. Georgiou, Development of an innovative technique for measuring liquid film drainage around individual bubbles -Application in studying aqueous foam stability
2006 M. Papara, Study of aqueous foam stability during drainage using simultaneously electrical, optical and volumetric measurements
2005 V. Papoti, Use of volumetric and innovative electrical technique for studying foaming properties of Lupin protein isolates. (Co-supervision)
2004 V. Emmanouil, CFD simulations of flotation processes

Academic Administrative Duties

  1. Member in more than 20 Committees of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Among them:
    • Committee of large and inter/departmental facilities (Chair)
    • Committee for sustainability and development of infrastructure (Chair)
    • Committee of international affairs
    • Committee for undergraduate student support
    • Committee for foreign students and disabled students
    • Committee for claiming large analytical instruments and the establishment of a large instruments lab
    • Committee for the update/renewal of undergraduate lab unit operation devices
    • Committee for exploitation of building and technical infrastructure
    • Committee for supervising the construction of a new building for the School of Chemistry
    • Committee of undergraduate chemistry curriculum
    • Committee of M.Sc. program “nanoscience and nanotechnology”
  2. Evaluator of the entrance examination of other university graduates to the School of Chemistry in Mathematics
  3. Member of the General Assembly of the School of Chemistry

Achievements and distinctions

  • Greek delegate and/or expert in the Management Committee of Domain “Cooperation-Space” in European Union 6th Framework Program (2004-2007), 7th Framework Program (2007-2013), Horizon2020 (2014-present).
  • Greek delegate in the European Space Agency Program Board on Human Spaceflight and Exploration (2010- present).
  • Member of the Management Committee of the European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA) 1999-2004, General Secretary 2005-2007 and Vice-President 2007-2009.
  • Member of the Editorial Board (Associate Editor) of Advances of Colloid and Interface Science (Elsevier). Impact factor 8.636 (5-year IF 9.419).
  • Chairman of 4 international conferences (ELGRA 2005; Bubble and Drop 2009, EUFOAM 2014, ELGRA 2015) and member of the scientific committee of several others.
  • Chairman and coordinator of scientific network COST Action MP1106 funded by the European Science Foundation. More than 350 scientists members from 32 European countries plus USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Three times guest editor in science journals: 2 in Colloids and Surfaces A (Elsevier), 1 in Microgravity Science and Technology (Springer).
  • Host of sabbatical leave or short visits of 12 European scientists.
  • Member of 8 European Space Agency Topical Teams.
  • Organized and/or Participated in multinational zero-gravity experiment: Critical Point Facility flown at IML-2 space shuttle mission (STS-65), 1994.
  • Team leader in several European Space Agency experiments flown in parabolic flight campaigns in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2015. Member of the flight team in all campaigns, acquired more than 4 hours in zero gravity (top among Greek nationals).